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Applebloom by CalebP1716

Nice painterly style drawing you did here. You got a unique look going on here with the character anatomy, especially with the face and...

The Lyre player (colored) by aNIGHTLYpony

Note: I don't claim to know a lot about art as I am a hobbyist so take my critique with a gain of salt. I also rate deviations dependin...

Out of Reach by MisterAibo

Short critique time! I'm not an artist or animator, just a viewer. The timing of the movement of the shake and two ponies looks off/unn...

Cinemagraph - Reverie on a cloud by MisterAibo

I'm just a viewer not an artist/animator. I'm guess for the sake of time that the animation is sped up for reviewing, if not its to fas...


Help make me a Game Designer
Hi every visitor, friend, watcher, whoever you may be I am opening up commissions to save up for the college I desperately wanna go to (DigiPen). It will be a long term savings to get as I need to save $30k for every year I go. At my current job it will take me 6 years to save enough to just go for 1 year. );

In light of that fact I am opening up commissions for Art, Animation, and Games(2D) for low low low prices to get started.

Art: Sketchs start at $1 or 100 points
Animations: Prices start at $5 or 500 points
Games: For very basic/simple prices start at $20 or 2000 points

I know I'm underselling myself so tell your friends, watchers, or those who might like some cool stuff.

For complex, detailed, or generally large commission requests prices can be discussed in further detail via notes and email.



*Is tired, has headache, and an infection* I'm just gonna be brief.

My dad got out, he feels sorry, we made up, still got court BS to deal with. The "get out on your own" thing still is something I gotta do but for now its a ways away. The at home stich is doing better now atm. Ate chinese food last night(his treat), had weird vivid dreams the first half of the night, I wonder if its me or the food (never ate there before).

Got work at Volt tomorrow doing game testing for microsoft, should be a good day. ATM I'm driving my head into the comics I've been meaning to read, to tired and hot outside to do much else... well I might toughin up and go get a poster printed out later. Right now its sleep and or read, and relax, I haven't been able to for quite some time, to much drama and stuff on my mind, need me time.

Wanna get drawing again, we'll see. I'm pretty sure these days I'm an extrovert in matters of being productive(drawing, work, etc) and an introvert when I need to get myself together.

P.S. turns out that taking Bayer aspirin after breaking your nose is a bad idea, was and sort still am having nose bleeds. Switched to Advil and got some sinus and anticongestants, some sleeping pills to cuz my sleep sucks.

P.S.S. Wishing everyone well.
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United States
College student working towards BS in CS.
My dream is to work in the game development industry.
Lives in the middle of no where.

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You are either never on skype when I am, or just plain never on lol. Just wanted to let you know that the scarf is coming along well, almost done with the scarf itself, I should be done within a week. Two at most. c: Stay warm!
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Nah I havent been on skype all week (relying on public internet atm). Right now I'm at a bar and have been here all day since about 11am. XP
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Hi there,
big thanks for da +watch :3
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